Welcome to Kilonet.org

We can provide DNS name resolution under the domain "kilonet.org" for free for non-profit groups.

Once it gets more involved than this, it becomes a pay service, but it's going to be cost-effective.

NOTE: Non-profit status must be supplied in physical form for pay services.

NOTE: Non-profit groups include personal gripe-fests and other politically motivated ranting, although they do not qualify for anything but free services.

NOTE: Free services include serving hostnames under kilonet.org, including "www" hosting, MX records and sub-domain services. Free services are only for domain registration under kilonet.org. Hosting for other domains is not free.

NOTE: We require a link and graphic on your home page showing our sponsoring of your site. It should not exceed 320x80.

You can easily serve your favorite charity off your cable modem by using our domain registration for FREE. If you make your cable provider mad, don't come complaining to us, we accept no responsibility for adhering to your subscriber's agreement.

IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS with advertising off your site, PLEASE DO NOT do business with us.

Contact us for more details at sales@kilonet.org

We are grateful for services provided by Bartek.NET. For commercial applications, please contact sales@bartek.net

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